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Media is moving on - Haiti still needs you and me!

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Media is moving on - Haiti still needs you and me!

Δημοσίευση από Admin Την / Το Δευ Φεβ 22, 2010 12:47 pm

Haiti’s President Rene Preval reported yesterday that the death toll from last month’s devastating earthquake in Haiti could jump to 300 000. In many parts of the world this tragic statement did not even make the evening news!

We must not forget about Haiti’s suffering people and the hundreds of thousands of homeless, injured and desperate men, women and children in need. That is why we started the HA1T1 campaign together with Star of Hope and we are counting on Your help!

What you can do:

1. Go to WWW.HA1T1.COM and make a donation by giving a virtual product to a friend! It is simple, fun and really effective!

2. Spread the word about WWW.HA1T1.COM. Share it on Facebook, write about it on Twitter and sign up for a free GiverSign here!

3. Translate the site into your own language and start spreading the word in your country! Instructions can be found here.

Thank you! Together we can make a big difference for Haiti!

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